Monday, October 4, 2010

Moose: Those Scary Bastards

So, I have always enjoyed looking at moose. They are so odd looking and huge that they catch your attention. Tourists constantly ask where the best place is that they can see a moose. Many even pay money for moose tours where they ride in a couch bus in search of moose (no guarantee though). I admit, if I happen to have my camera and see a moose, I pull over to take some pictures. I had heard moose would charge when they were mad but didn't believe it until a watched an hour long show on it that scared me so bad I'm afraid to go outside. Moose are moving into our communities, or rather we're moving into theirs. I saw moose charging everyone, they were confused and felt trapped. They had videos of moose destroying cars and fences. There was even one who ran alongside a car and when the car stopped, it ran ahead, turned and faced the car, and got ready to charge. Needless to say, when I see a tourist walking closer and closer to a moose for that Kodak moment, I can't help but think of that show.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Number 3

I haven't written in awhile but still been the same old boring stuff in this small town. I learned last week that during elections for town treasurer and so on, we also vote for something called the Hog Reeve. Every man in Jefferson is put on the ballet. The story goes, whoever wins has to catch any hog that happens to get loose and returns them to their owner. Well, knowing many of the people on that list, it made me laugh to think of some of them chasing a pig! Anyways, nothing ever comes of it but I think I just might ask someone with a pig to let it loose so that a Hog Reeve can finally live up to his name.
On another note, spring is here! And you know how I can tell? the smell of cow poop fills the air, people have their big rigs out mudding in the fields, and there are no more snowmobilers. Pretty excited :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

News Travels Fast...

This is the place where everybody knows everybody. You can't get away with anything because someone always sees you and makes it a point to tell you parents. You cheat on your girlfriend, she's gonna know in about 3 minutes. You cross the road 10 times when your 12 because you think it's funny (not that I ever did that) and your dad knows the next hour. Everyone knows what kind of toilet paper there next door neighbors uses and what time they take a shit. Heck, we even know who everyone has slept with, but like many of us know, you better be cautious cuz chances are, that's your cousin your sleeping with. :o

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Number 1

One street light and two stores make up our downtown. There's nothing to do so we find weird ways of having fun. We drive to the next town over, population 3,358, and do "the McDonald's 500." This famous pastime involves driving a mile from McDonald's to the town hall and back over and over again. We walk up and down the street for hours and play in the park even at the age of 20. The nearest dance club is at least an hour away and most people over 21 spend there time in the few bars around here. People come here to look at leaves and most have not seen a moose. We even have moose tours!!! Moose aren't even that cool, thye will actually charge your car.
Let's see, we also spend time doing cookies and parking lots and the infamous group parking area where people talk for hours.
That's about all we do here, basically.